“Above all we believe in

‘slow fashion’,

quality over quantity,

and want you to enjoy the benefits of luxurious silk for many years to come.”

At Sassilk we love silk! It is an amazing natural fiber, it is washable, durable, luxurious but also practical, versatile and hard wearing. We offer the highest quality silk products that embraces timeless luxury, comfort and elegance for you and your home.

The majority of our products use Mulberry silk. Mulberry leaves grown in the silk production are a sustainable grown crop, it is a natural fiber & still grown in the traditional way perfected over thousands of years.

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Benefits of Silk

Once you sleep on silk you won’t go back! With our beautiful soft and smooth silk pillowcases, you will wake up with healthier hair & skin. Our silk pillowcases contain 18 different amino acids and there are many reasons why sleeping on silk is beneficial for you.

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The smooth texture of silk allows hair to glide over it while you sleep and helps preserve your hairstyle, dramatically reduce, breakage, frizz and the dreaded bed head!

The smooth surface of the silk pillowcase provides less friction, stretching and tugging on your face than sleeping on other fabrics such as cotton. It’s commonly believed by dermatologists that this friction from fabrics, causes sleep creases which go on to cause wrinkles. Mulberry silk being non-absorbent, helps retain the natural moisture levels of our skin, while also enhancing the efficiency of night creams and serums by letting your skin absorb them.

sassilk helps skin health
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Pure mulberry silk has natural thermal regulating properties that keep your temperature stabilised any time of the year. Comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Pure mulberry silk is a natural thermostat that is perfect for any time of the year.

Silk is kind to the skin and is naturally hypoallergenic, making it one of the best fabrics for those with allergies. Silk’s hypoallergenic properties prevent the build-up of mould and dust mites – the primary causes for some allergic symptoms. Other natural fabrics like cotton do not do this. Silk also doesn’t absorb as much moisture as other fabrics and is less susceptible to odours, making it perfect to sleep on.

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